Laiškai Sofijai / Letters to Sofija.

Gizmo Films.

Laiškai Sofijai / Letters to Sofija. Gizmo Films.
Letters to Sofija.

Based on a true story, this is the love affair between a Lithuanian genius and the woman and the country he adored. Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis was born into a Lithuanian peasant family in 1875, but despite his lowly origins he soon revealed himself to be a child prodigy able to both paint and compose music of startling and often frightening intensity. All too soon he was struck down by a mysterious mental illness, which would plague him for the rest of his life.

During his short lifetime, Ciurlionis produced over 300 paintings and 300 musical compositions. Supporting him throughout his short and painful life was his beloved wife, Sofija Kymantait?, a journalist and political activist.

Director of Letters to Sofija, Bob Mullan, acknowledged the complexities of the project: "It was extremely difficult, not least because it was shot in three languages - Lithuanian, Russian and Polish. However, everyone at Prime Focus helped me overcome these difficulties. For example, Shane Woods had to create over 1500 subtitles, in addition to numerous captions, which he did with speed and efficiency; Ben Hooper sensitively mixed the sound, which consisted of both orchestral and piano music, as well as dialogue in the three languages; and Tom Russell graded precisely and imaginatively, and created the film look I desired, from material shot on an Arri Alexa. Finally, Reuben Goodyear and Marie Valentino ensured that the tricky conversion to two DCPs was efficient and painless."

Prime Focus’s Shane Woods onlined the 130min feature, which was graded by Tom Russell. Dual language soundtracks were mixed by Ben Hooper and the film’s post producers were Reuben Goodyear and Marie Valentino.


Project: Laiškai Sofijai/Letters to Sofija

Production Company: Gizmo Films

Writer and Director: Bob Mullan

Producers: Bob Mullan / Artūras Dvinelis/ Kęstas Drazdauskas / Rokas Zubovas / Peter G Dunphy
Production Manager: Artūras Dvinelis
Editor: Laurie Yule

Prime Focus.

Colourist: Tom Russell
Online: Shane Woods
Audio: Ben Hooper
Post Producers: Reuben Goodyear and Marie Valentino