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Retreat. Magnet Films.

London, November 2011 – Prime Focus has completed full film post on Carl Tibbett's directorial debut, 'Retreat' for Magnet Films.

Starring Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell, the film focuses on a young couple's return to a beautiful, yet remote island in a last-ditch attempt to save their faltering marriage. Events take a turn for the worse as they lose contact with the mainland and find themselves stranded on the uninhabited island. When a bloodied military man appears to reveal that a deadly airborne pandemic has broken out and is heading their way, he barricades them all into the cottage to keep the virus out. The couple remains unconvinced by his plan and as tensions rise and he turns abusive, they join forces to confront him. They use all their ingenuity to attempt an escape from their captor and the prison he is holding them in and just when it looks as if they are gaining the upper hand a disturbing discovery turns everything upside down resulting in a violent and shocking conclusion.

Retreat had a UK cinema release this October and is out now on DVD. The post work carried out by Prime Focus included a grade by Vic Parker and online by Alec Eves and Dave Rose.

Colourist Vic Parker said, "For the most part, the film was shot within the confines of a small cramped cottage so the grade was key to helping the film achieve its look and have enough punch in the low light areas. Using a LUT applied to the footage (shot Log C on the ARRI D-21) helped me deliver some strong grades that complemented the photography, particularly in the later part of the film when the strong lighting takes hold. What we ended up with is a beautiful looking film that has a natural yet strong look to it."


Project: Retreat
Film Company: Magnet Films
Director: Carl Tibbetts
Producer: Gary Sinyor
DoP: Chris Seager
Cast: Cillian Murphy, Jamie Bell, Thandie Newton

Prime Focus.

Post Production: Prime Focus
Colourist: Vic Parker
Offline: Jamie Trevill
Online: Alec Eves, Dave Rose, Adam Maynard
DI Producer: Charlotte Collings
Executive Producer: Shail Shah